Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kosovo hosts "Morning Prayers"

Kosovo hosts "Morning Prayers"

Under the auspices of the Assembly of Kosovo, headed by the chief of the Parliamentary Group of the PDK, Adem Grabovci and LDK deputy Haziri, from 24 to 26 May in Prishtina will organize "Prayer Breakfast" or "Week of Tolerance".

In this event, which is the first of its kind in the country, will be attended by representatives from different countries of the world. According to a document which has provided "Epoka e Re", until now participating in "Morning Prayers" have confirmed more than 70 representatives of political, academic, cultural, economic from different countries of the globe, including the U.S. , Albania, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey etc..

Also, among those personalities who have confirmed participation are also some representatives of political parties, academia and business in several states that have not recognized Kosovo as Greece, Serbia, Israel, Romania, Bonja and Herzegovina, Jordan, Thailand etc..

Head of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Adem Grabovci, which is the organizer of "Morning Prayer" has evaluated this very important event. In this context, Grabovci stated that Kosovo has become a factor of peace and stability in the region.

He also has indicated that within the "Morning Prayer" will organize several events, which, according to him, have a special significance.

"Within this week there will be significant event such as meeting religious tolerance, religious representatives from around the world, where would diskohet issues of religious tolerance in the world, after Kosovo known for religious tolerance, will be placed stone of peace in honor of the victims of Hiroshima. This stone has come from Japan, and will be placed memorial plaques to honor the victims of the Holocaust, "said Grabovci.