Sunday, May 19, 2013

AKP has sold a ha land for 2.5 euros

AKP has sold a ha land for 2.5 euros
Privatization Agency of Kosovo (AKP) has sold no less than 20 hectares of land for only 5 thousand euros, in the wake of 13 Liquidation. Based on a calculation shows that for a square meter of land purchaser has paid only two cents, marking the lowest price of the land since the beginning of the privatization process so far.

 The buyer of this property, Selman Sopa from Kaçanik , told Zëri that when taking part in the tender has complied with all the requirements that are set by the Privatization Agency of Kosovo (AKP).

He said that the area of ​​land that has already privatized is not appropriate for business, neither to work, but he says it has bought only because nearby there was a considerable area of land that has inherited .

Sopa means that all waves of the property revealed there was no one interested.

But, on the other hand, reliable sources Zëri within AKP suggest that the property in question, through waves of liquidation, is sometimes cast in the tender, the same property but there was never any interested investor.

However, against the privatization of this property with 2.5 euros for ha, said chairman of the board against the AKP Blerim Rexha, who on Thursday resigned from the position he has held for less than 100 days.

Rexha statement, in a telecast that "my friends told me that they better come to you to resign rather than saw" upset quite representatives of political parties in the country.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Serbia holds 1243 exhibits of Kosovo

Serbia holds 1243 exhibits of Kosovo 
International Museum Day finds Kosovo without 1243 Museum of exhibits, which Serbia continues to Hold.
Minister of Culture, Memli Krasniqi says that Serbia does not intend to turn these exhibits, despite the fact that Kosovo side has made ​​all possible efforts to get them back, reports "KTV".

According to archaeologists of Kosovo, in addition to these exhibits, Serbia has also received several other exhibits without any evidence at all.

Archaeologist Egjlale Dobruna - Salihu said that the return of these exhibits depends entirely on the outcome of negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia.

On the occasion of the International Day of Museums, Ministry of Culture has distributed gratitude for some people, who individually have found various exhibits and they have given them to the Museum.

Oil market does not change

Oil market does not change
It seems that for a while the oil market will remain as it is. There will not be any change of the quality of those who import "the black gold" in Kosovo. All this after lawmakers failed Thursday to find a better solution to this issue. Draft-law for oil and market petroleum products in Kosovo, returned for consideration in parliamentary committees after a fierce debate in the Assembly.

The position was criticized for trying to smuggle this bill, which, according to members of the opposition parties are favoring certain companies for trading with derivatives. But it was not just the opposition criticized the bill, it also drew criticism from the chairman of the Assembly, Jakup Krasniqi, who considers it as a law that creates monopoly and is against the Constitution of Kosovo, writes "Tribuna".

The most strong in their response, and those whom also opposed the motion, were the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic League of Kosovo(LDK). By not proceeding the motion at the vote process at all, LDK left the session. 

"KB Peja" Travels to Prishtina

"KB Peja" Travels to Prishtina
KB Peja has announced that they will travel to Prishtina tomorrow for the second leg of Basketball playoff's final against Sigal Prishtina, while calls for a calm situation and good conditions for the development of the game in a sports atmosphere.

The dilemma of whether to travel to Pristina or not for KB Peja, is over. Chairmans pf Sigal Prishtina and Peja have reached an agreement among themselves and will soon come out with a joint statement.

The news was announced by the official website of KB Peja, while they (KB Peja) call for a calm situation and want tomorrow's match under a sports atmosphere, that all the world would love to have.

KB Peja and KB Prishtina are arch rivals, and will be playing Second Leg of Playoff's Final in the Capital City of Kosovo. First match ended 71-44 for KB Peja.

Makolli: Serbia - Don't create problems for migrants

Makolli: Serbia - Don't create problems for migrants

"Problems starts for migrants since they enter into the Serbian border and up to the time of entry into the territory of Kosovo. In many cases, migrants are asked to pay money in order to more easily or faster cross the border"says Minister of Diaspora - Ibrahim Makolli.

"We believe that these problems will be solved now under these agreements and talks with Serbia, with the mediation of the European Union, and I believe that Serbia will leave the mentality of the past," said Makolli to "Radio Free Europe".

LDK-PDK approach does not scare AAK

LDK-PDK approach does not scare AAK
Alliance for the Future of Kosovo(AAK) does not feel threatened from the possibility of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) approaching to the Democratic Party of Kosovo(PDK). LDK executives, expressed last days have opened up the possibility of post-election coalition with PDK, although they view this as a last resort.
AAK officials, the party which is seen as a potential partner of PDK, consider this possible agreement harmful for the country, considering the last term of government PDK-LDK.

Government stability is based on the actions and related programs of political parties. So thinks AAK deputy Ahmet Isufi, according to whom - any action on artificial and over narrow interests of individuals or certain groups, harms governance. According to him, the same is happening currently with the coalition between the PDK and AKR(New Kosovo Alliance), the same has happened in the government mandate PDK-LDK.

"How sustainable is such a coalition - the time has shown, because it is broken in half. It is not worthy for Kosovo that the operations are based on individual interests. Actions must be programmatic, contribute on good governance and stability by contributing to the development the country, "said Isufi to "Radio Kosova".

Recently AAK is seen as a potential partner of PDK. For the possible coalition between LDK and PDK, Isufi said that AAK has nothing to fear.

"We are not afraid of competition because we have grown and know precisely who will be in government in the next term. In the future we plan to win elections in the country and if it comes to coalition, we will base it on the program - not in narrow interests. "said Isufi.

Otherwise, after returning from The Hague in November last year, AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj had already expressed a willingness to enter into this term in government with PDK, but with the condition that the post of prime minister should go to him . Although this is not achieved, AAK continues to stand near PDK, with her deputy, Blerim Shala, who was appointed coordinator of the dialogue between Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and Serbia, Ivica Dacic that took place in Brussels with the mediation of European diplomacy chief Catherine Ashton.

Pavicevic: Tahiri statements are far from the truth

Pavicevic: Tahir statements are far from the truth
About the statement of the Chief's team to the technical talks with Serbia, Edita Tahiri, that Belgrade agreed that Kosovo has international telephone code, Dejan Pavicevic - Belgrade team head - thinks that these statements are sensational!
Pavicevic, in a statement for Tanjug, said the statements "Ms. Tahiri often tend to be sensational and very often it is far from the truth and reality''.

"In Brussels has been discussed for many things, but nothing has been agreed, because Belgrade has not agreed to anything," said Pavicevic.

When it comes to energy, he said that Serbia "can not accept independent network operator in a given territory, because for this issue Serbia decides itself".

"What can Serbia do eventually is to allow Pristina to operate as an independent work with its network power".

When it comes to war damage, Pavicevic said that something is not mentioned, nor is referenced.

"For us the main thing is ensuring energy and telecommunications stability throughout Kosovo, who will be in accordance with the Association of Serb Municipalities and in accordance with the agreement reached."

Kosovo hosts "Morning Prayers"

Kosovo hosts "Morning Prayers"

Under the auspices of the Assembly of Kosovo, headed by the chief of the Parliamentary Group of the PDK, Adem Grabovci and LDK deputy Haziri, from 24 to 26 May in Prishtina will organize "Prayer Breakfast" or "Week of Tolerance".

In this event, which is the first of its kind in the country, will be attended by representatives from different countries of the world. According to a document which has provided "Epoka e Re", until now participating in "Morning Prayers" have confirmed more than 70 representatives of political, academic, cultural, economic from different countries of the globe, including the U.S. , Albania, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey etc..

Also, among those personalities who have confirmed participation are also some representatives of political parties, academia and business in several states that have not recognized Kosovo as Greece, Serbia, Israel, Romania, Bonja and Herzegovina, Jordan, Thailand etc..

Head of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Adem Grabovci, which is the organizer of "Morning Prayer" has evaluated this very important event. In this context, Grabovci stated that Kosovo has become a factor of peace and stability in the region.

He also has indicated that within the "Morning Prayer" will organize several events, which, according to him, have a special significance.

"Within this week there will be significant event such as meeting religious tolerance, religious representatives from around the world, where would diskohet issues of religious tolerance in the world, after Kosovo known for religious tolerance, will be placed stone of peace in honor of the victims of Hiroshima. This stone has come from Japan, and will be placed memorial plaques to honor the victims of the Holocaust, "said Grabovci.