Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pavicevic: Tahiri statements are far from the truth

Pavicevic: Tahir statements are far from the truth
About the statement of the Chief's team to the technical talks with Serbia, Edita Tahiri, that Belgrade agreed that Kosovo has international telephone code, Dejan Pavicevic - Belgrade team head - thinks that these statements are sensational!
Pavicevic, in a statement for Tanjug, said the statements "Ms. Tahiri often tend to be sensational and very often it is far from the truth and reality''.

"In Brussels has been discussed for many things, but nothing has been agreed, because Belgrade has not agreed to anything," said Pavicevic.

When it comes to energy, he said that Serbia "can not accept independent network operator in a given territory, because for this issue Serbia decides itself".

"What can Serbia do eventually is to allow Pristina to operate as an independent work with its network power".

When it comes to war damage, Pavicevic said that something is not mentioned, nor is referenced.

"For us the main thing is ensuring energy and telecommunications stability throughout Kosovo, who will be in accordance with the Association of Serb Municipalities and in accordance with the agreement reached."

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