Sunday, May 19, 2013

AKP has sold a ha land for 2.5 euros

AKP has sold a ha land for 2.5 euros
Privatization Agency of Kosovo (AKP) has sold no less than 20 hectares of land for only 5 thousand euros, in the wake of 13 Liquidation. Based on a calculation shows that for a square meter of land purchaser has paid only two cents, marking the lowest price of the land since the beginning of the privatization process so far.

 The buyer of this property, Selman Sopa from Kaçanik , told Zëri that when taking part in the tender has complied with all the requirements that are set by the Privatization Agency of Kosovo (AKP).

He said that the area of ​​land that has already privatized is not appropriate for business, neither to work, but he says it has bought only because nearby there was a considerable area of land that has inherited .

Sopa means that all waves of the property revealed there was no one interested.

But, on the other hand, reliable sources Zëri within AKP suggest that the property in question, through waves of liquidation, is sometimes cast in the tender, the same property but there was never any interested investor.

However, against the privatization of this property with 2.5 euros for ha, said chairman of the board against the AKP Blerim Rexha, who on Thursday resigned from the position he has held for less than 100 days.

Rexha statement, in a telecast that "my friends told me that they better come to you to resign rather than saw" upset quite representatives of political parties in the country.

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