Saturday, May 18, 2013

"KB Peja" Travels to Prishtina

"KB Peja" Travels to Prishtina
KB Peja has announced that they will travel to Prishtina tomorrow for the second leg of Basketball playoff's final against Sigal Prishtina, while calls for a calm situation and good conditions for the development of the game in a sports atmosphere.

The dilemma of whether to travel to Pristina or not for KB Peja, is over. Chairmans pf Sigal Prishtina and Peja have reached an agreement among themselves and will soon come out with a joint statement.

The news was announced by the official website of KB Peja, while they (KB Peja) call for a calm situation and want tomorrow's match under a sports atmosphere, that all the world would love to have.

KB Peja and KB Prishtina are arch rivals, and will be playing Second Leg of Playoff's Final in the Capital City of Kosovo. First match ended 71-44 for KB Peja.

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