Saturday, May 18, 2013

LDK-PDK approach does not scare AAK

LDK-PDK approach does not scare AAK
Alliance for the Future of Kosovo(AAK) does not feel threatened from the possibility of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) approaching to the Democratic Party of Kosovo(PDK). LDK executives, expressed last days have opened up the possibility of post-election coalition with PDK, although they view this as a last resort.
AAK officials, the party which is seen as a potential partner of PDK, consider this possible agreement harmful for the country, considering the last term of government PDK-LDK.

Government stability is based on the actions and related programs of political parties. So thinks AAK deputy Ahmet Isufi, according to whom - any action on artificial and over narrow interests of individuals or certain groups, harms governance. According to him, the same is happening currently with the coalition between the PDK and AKR(New Kosovo Alliance), the same has happened in the government mandate PDK-LDK.

"How sustainable is such a coalition - the time has shown, because it is broken in half. It is not worthy for Kosovo that the operations are based on individual interests. Actions must be programmatic, contribute on good governance and stability by contributing to the development the country, "said Isufi to "Radio Kosova".

Recently AAK is seen as a potential partner of PDK. For the possible coalition between LDK and PDK, Isufi said that AAK has nothing to fear.

"We are not afraid of competition because we have grown and know precisely who will be in government in the next term. In the future we plan to win elections in the country and if it comes to coalition, we will base it on the program - not in narrow interests. "said Isufi.

Otherwise, after returning from The Hague in November last year, AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj had already expressed a willingness to enter into this term in government with PDK, but with the condition that the post of prime minister should go to him . Although this is not achieved, AAK continues to stand near PDK, with her deputy, Blerim Shala, who was appointed coordinator of the dialogue between Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and Serbia, Ivica Dacic that took place in Brussels with the mediation of European diplomacy chief Catherine Ashton.

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